Wrathell, Hunt and Associates, LLC, is dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service to our clients and the depth of experience with our professional staff uniquely qualifies our firm to deliver the services that are needed…now and in the future.  We are a business consulting firm like no other. We help clients solve their toughest problems and their biggest challenges, the sort of hurdles that require the unique capabilities of our team of top-caliber professionals.


Our expertise ranges across key business issues and deep into our industry.  Our business experience is real. And so are the results we bring to our clients.  We help our clients unlock value in the use of districts to market, finance, and develop a business strategy, to effectively supply and deliver essential services to the communities you represent.


We accomplish our mission and deliver superior customer service by:


• Establishing strong personal relationships with our clients and consistently delivering service that exceeds our clients’ expectations

• Staffing each and every project with the most qualified members of our team including Partners and Associates and ensuring our professional expertise is provided  at the most reasonable cost

• Soliciting our clients’ comments and suggestions as to our performance

• Serving our communities as good citizens with the highest ethical and moral standards

• Employing a team of cross-trained professionals in the following disciplines:

 • Accounting

 • Budget and Finance

 • District Management

 • Operations Management

 • Assessment Methodology Development

 • Assessment Roll Development and Maintenance

 • Utility Billing

 • Records Management

 • Customer Service

 • Administration

 • Dissemination Agent

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